recipe for a natural clarifying shampoo


We all know how women consider their hair important, and that is because the most of members of the fairer sex find hair a perfect way of demonstrating their beauty. Perfectly chosen hair can turn an average woman into a real beauty.

I am going to the cat show and I want to look the best I can, but my hair is dirty, looks sticky and it is unattractive for me just like to the others.

Well-cared hair attracts men. They fantasize about wriggling fingers through the hair, as you are looking them into their eyes. It is an evolution thing. Even since the early man, men have been attracted to the women with thick and shiny hair, which is another visible sign of health. If you are not having thick hair like me, at least you can make it look as healthiest and shiniest possible. Hair and hairstyle communicate with the environment, speaking about how the woman feels about herself – claim the psychologists. Therefore, it is not the same if you prefer having a pony tail, loose, long or short hair.

Brazilian blow-drying for sure is one of the most popular and most wanted hair treatment for the past few years. Reasonably, because after hour and a half of doing the procedure, you will get a four-month soft, shiny and pretty hair.  I would love to do that but, I am in a hurry and do not have time for it… What to do?

Because of satiety on the market and the commercials, we are bombed with every day; many people are not sure which product they can nourish their hair with and which product to use.

Even though there is a big offer of products for hair repair, it is a big possibility that you have not managed to find what suits you ( like me), or you cannot afford it. Cosmetics industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. But, public knows about detrimental effects which are caused because of the ingredients.

Today, the most of the people cannot wash off the greasiness from the scalp so they are forced to wash their hair every day, and sometimes even few times a day. There are sites that offer you all types of shampoos and one of them is best clarifying HQ.  If you can’t find yourself in that, think about changing your shampoo with clarifying shampoo you can easily make at home. We bring you the recipe for the natural clarifying shampoo, which will easily solve all hair problems you have:

Deep hair wash:

If you often (and abundantly) use hair styling products, shampoo is sometimes not enough for washing the hair. Simply put some soda on your palm before applying shampoo and your hair will get clean. With some drops of apple cider vinegar, your hair will get shiny.

It will not look sticky, but nicely shaped and shiny. It is recommended to have the hairstyle, which will show all your qualities. One of these hairstyles is a bun, which isn’t difficult to make.

For the beginning, it is important to separate your hair using comb into two pieces. Make sure you leave more hair in the bottom part so you can make a bun.

After, make the upper part stay in place using a hair clip. Make a ponytail on the bottom part of hair (make it as low as possible).

Above the headband, shape a little hole you can pull hair through, and put some volume into the ponytail. It is important for the bun.

After that, you should wrap you ponytail to towards the occiput. Put some hairpin to keep in the place, separate the upper part of the hair in two parts, and put the hair (you previously put towards the occiput) above the bun. Hairpins could help you here, too.

This hairstyle looks elegant and it is recommended if you want to feel sensual and casual all the time.

how to choose the perfect pet for home?


During the life many people decide to have a pet. But how to choose exactly the perfect pet? In the following text find out the answer. When you are selecting a new roommate, it is often forgotten a few important things, so in a next months, complaints are starting because of  pet, expecially with dogs because they bark excessively, they are disobedient, and cats are destroying furniture by its claws,also they mews in middle of the night to released them. To avoid such a behaviors that make you angry is very important when you are taking with your family to have a pet, to consider of several minor factors.

Talk with your family first

For start, try to consider why you want a pet. Sit down with your family and make list of reasons why you want to take a pet. Take plenty of time because the list will help you later to determine which features you want in a pet. Characteristic is important and also how they need time-consuming, whether they walk three times a day, whether they run, or being tired of staying in home, is your home equipped with a pet, if the pet is active by day or by night, are you ready financially to the pet, and you must make sure that each family member is responsible for it. Also you have to take into account allergies and phobias with family members. Keep in mind how much you expect pet to live. For example, the average dog and cat live 12-16 years, whereas mice is old with two year. What will you do for 15 years? Will you have children, will you be moving to a new apartment or house? If you are not sure which pet you want, try volunteering in one of the animal protection organizations. You will gain a new experience, you will discover which pet you want and save an animal from a shelter.


All over the world- there are a lot of organizations that take care of abandoned animals.  As a volunteer, you will have duties like driving to the vet, animal walks and buy the food. If you click on emotional level with an animal, you have an advantage in fostering. Many animals seekers are already trained and have a high need for security and love. Do you want an exotic pet, make sure you can import it into the country, it must be some time in quarantine, and also,what vaccines are needed. Make sure that they have enabled adequate space similar to their natural habitat, giving them the right food and that  they have plenty of space. All these factors are important to direct you to the correct choice of the ideal pet and in the end,  do not forget, you will never choose the wrong pet if you choose the one that ideally suits your lifestyle rhythm and enjoy in the space where it stays. Lot of people love some exotic animals, like snakes, but you will have plenty of passion to give them the right care.